Offer a priceless gift to your community this Christmas.

The Interactive Nativity
presented by the team behind The Video Bible

What is the Interactive Nativity?

Through stunning artwork and dramatic narration, The Interactive Nativity brings to life the biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth.
Here’s How It Works:

We ship you 17 high-resolution illustrations of the Christmas story, printed in your choice of three sizes.

You set up a drive-through or walk-through display, using our simple instructions.
As your guests move through the Interactive Nativity, they hear the narration on their own mobile device, through a website we’ve already set up for you.

It’s still the most
wonderful time of the year.

Typically, our December calendars are jammed-packed with events, parties, and gatherings.
This year is bound to look different, and cooped-up families will be looking for something, anything, to do.
When you host the Interactive Nativity:
  • Families have something to do, together, to rekindle the spirit of Christmas in tough times.
  • Guests experience your church as welcoming and generous.
  • Your members have a low-pressure opportunity to invite friends and family to check out your church.
  • More people connect with God and the Bible in a meaningful way.
  • You have peace of mind knowing you aren’t missing an opportunity to share the Gospel and introduce more people to Christ.
Get everything you need here.

The artwork is breathtaking.

With the Interactive Nativity,

offering a meaningful Christmas experience is simple and affordable.

You just have to:
Number 1

Order a Kit for your Church

Choose from three sizes to match your space and budget. All packages include all 17 illustrations and range from $350 to $2675.

Number 2

Download the Set-Up Guide

Our easy-to-follow set-up guide includes a materials list, placement recommendations, and tips for inviting people to join the fun.
Number 3

Celebrate with your Community

At Christmas, people are more open to the Gospel than ever. Don’t miss a chance to introduce them to the hope found only in Jesus.
Help your community create new Christmas traditions.

Order Your Nativity Kit

Common Questions

Can I use the Interactive Nativity more than one year?

Yes! Your nativity is printed on premium materials that will allow use for several years when stored in a climate controlled environment. It is an investment for your church and for the spreading of the gospel. When you average out the price of using it for several years it really become quite affordable.

How much space do I need to make this work?

You can be as flexible as you want with where you put your nativity, as each space is different. In general, we recommend:

● Kit #1 Drive-through: 65-150 feet between panels for a total optimum driving distance of 1100-1875 feet.
● Kit #2 Outdoor, walk-through: 30 feet between panels for an optimum distance of 450 feet.
● Kit #3 Indoor, walk-through: 12 feet between panels for an optimum distance of 180 feet. You might consider one-way traffic and timed entries to promote social distancing.

Do we have to broadcast the audio?

No! Your guests will use their own mobile devices to load a website we’ve already set up for you. They simply press “play” and then walk or drive through your display and enjoy the audio Bible read to them.

What is the best way to promote my event?

To ensure your event is a success the first step is regular prayer to ask for God’s help. Next it would be excellent to light each sign with a light and an extension chord. This isn’t necessary, but we find that you will reach more people and offer more Hope.  Lastly, you will want to get every church member sharing pictures of their journey through the nativity on social media. This will encourage other residents of the community to come to your church to experience the nativity.

How long will it take to drive through the Interactive Nativity?
Approximately four minutes while listening to the audio.
What scripture passages are included?

The Interactive Nativity includes Luke 2:1-17 and Matthew 2:1-12. The experience is narrated using the NIV audio Bible, with permission from the publisher.

Other than the artwork, what else will I need to purchase?

Your Set-Up Guide includes a comprehensive list of materials you’ll need to safely secure your displays. The main things you will need are posts and bungees. The post are around $4 dollars each. The bungees sell for $65 online for a complete set. You can pick up lights at your local hardware store for $4.50 each that can be powered by a nearby extension cord. Feel free to “contact us” for more suggestions.

Could I turn this into a fundraiser for my church?
You could, but we don’t recommend it. Many people in our communities are hurting and hungry for good news. Offering the Interactive Nativity as a gift is a tangible example of Christ’s generosity toward us.
Is The Video Bible profiting from the Interactive Nativity?

Not at all. Your Interactive Nativity kit costs you only what we pay to print it on premium materials and ship it to you.

Where did this artwork come from?

We’re so glad you asked. The illustrations you receive are part of the Video Bible. When completed, it will be the world’s first cover-to-cover, audio + visual representation of the entire Bible. Learn how you can help bring it to life.